Missions At CVBC

If there were one word to describe the ministry heartbeat of CVBC it would be MISSIONS. In the past decade, hundreds of people have been involved in mission projects and activities locally and around the world from CVBC. In any given year, CVBC sends anywhere from two to five teams on USA and International projects, plus many more local ministry projects that will involve all age groups in our church family. The command that Jesus gave us in Acts 1:8 to go into the entire world and proclaim His Gospel is what drives our missions effort. The focus of our missions is to see changed spiritual lives and grow the Kingdom of God.

Local Missions

Every year at CVBC we do several local missions projects in the city of Tahlequah and Fort Gibson. A couple of our biggest local projects are our "Spring Break Love Out Loud" project and our "Crescent Valley Feeds Tahlequah" project. Each year during Spring Break, CVBC hosts a local mission project, called, "Love Out Loud", that takes place right here in Tahlequah and Fort Gibson. Families are encouraged to sign up and participate in several local service projects that give us an opportunity to show our community the love of Christ and share the Gospel with them. Then, each year around Thanksgiving our whole church takes a Sunday morning and afternoon to provide the city of Tahlequah with a free Thanksgiving meal, and we call it, "Crescent Valley Feeds Tahlequah." Once again, it's another opportunity to show our community that we care about them and to share the Gospel.

USA & International Missions

Not only are we committed to missions and outreach in our local community, but we are also committed to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. Over the past decade we have sent multiple teams all across the USA and into foreign countries to share the Gospel. In many of the places we have sent mission teams we have established partnerships for extended periods of time. In recent years, we have sent teams, families, and individuals to St. Louis, MO, Denver, CO, Haiti, China, the Philippines, and several countries in West Africa. It's our prayer that every member of CVBC is actively involved in our mission work, whether it be here locally or abroad. There are so many different opportunities and ways to serve and share your faith. Keep checking our website for upcoming missions opportunities!