What To Expect


What To Expect

What Is Crescent Valley Baptist Church All About?

The vision of Crescent Valley Baptist Church is defined by three words...LOVE, SERVE, & INVITE! We are all about loving God and loving others, serving the Church and the community, and inviting people to church and on the journey of knowing Christ. CVBC is a loving church that welcomes anyone and everyone from all walks of life.

What Should I Wear?

Dress comfortably. CVBC is a casual church. Honestly, we don't care if you wear shorts and flip flops or a suit with a tie. We just want you to be able to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented and join us in worshipping the King.

What's The Service Like?

As you walk through the doors of CVBC at either our Main Campus or City Campus you'll receive a big smile from our greeters, along with a weekly bulletin. Our Sunday morning worship service at our City Campus begins at 9am and at our Main Campus at 10:30am (our greeters will be happy to help guide you to where you need to go). Near the beginning of the service, you'll be welcomed by one of our pastors, but not singled-out in any way. During the song service, you can worship and sing along by following the words on the screen. We strive to keep the mechanics of our service at a minimum so that you can focus your heart on the reason we're there - to worship. Click here to find out more about our Music Ministry (song-style, opportunities to serve, and more)! After the music, you will hear a message (talk) from the Bible. We will take an offering before the service is over, but as our guest, don't feel obligated to give, unless you feel led to. Our services are usually an hour and fifteen minutes.

Do You Have Small Groups?

We have many different small groups at our Main Campus and many of them happen on Sundays at 9am. One of our staff members or greeters will be more than happy to help you find a small group that is appropriate for your age and where you're at in life. We currently don't have small groups at our City Campus, but we look forward to launching groups in the future! Click here to find out more about our small groups!